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Hello beautiful!

Get your makeup done by a luxury makeup artist in Greensboro, NC

My name is Crystal Rucker and I live in the Greensboro, NC area but serve all surrounding cities and towns. I am married and have two amazing children; Addison and Camden. I am a full-time, remote marketing professional but my true passion is makeup.

From a young age, you could always find me playing with makeup or watching my mom do hers. I've always loved doing my own makeup and perfecting different techniques on myself. I'd always get compliments and one day someone told me I should think about doing it on others. That really resonated with me because the idea of putting my knowledge to use and helping someone else look and feel beautiful truly feeds my soul.

After my wedding, I reached out to the makeup artist who did my makeup to get some pointers and she brought me under her wing. She taught me best practices and the best way to apply makeup for weddings professionally and I was able to do some of her weddings which I am so grateful for. I absolutely loved it.

After I had my first baby I struggled physically and emotionally. I stopped doing the things I loved and became laser focused on motherhood and my full-time job. When I had my second baby I finally got the hang of the whole mom thing and once he turned 1 I told myself that after years of putting my dreams on a back burner, it was time to make things happen again. I took courses and classes to become a makeup artist and I have been unstoppable ever since.

I want to do what I truly love, so here I am! You deserve to look and feel gorgeous and I would absolutely love to work with you to achieve your ideal bridal or special event look.

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup - and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup"

-Bobbi Brown